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OCA 2000 & SON 
Architecture in Steel and Glass

  For more than 20 years we are providing innovative architectural solutions in steel and glass.

What sets us apart and most often motivates our customers to trust us is our ability to be flexible and find out of the box solutions when needed. Whether you need a quality product with a clean look or you are looking for a partner to realize a one-of-a-kind architectural piece with cutting-edge design, we are here to help! 



Steel doors, windows and facades

We use profile systems Jansen (Switzerland) and Secco Sistemi (Italy)


Front door canopies

Garden canopies


Railings and staircases

Exterior and interior steel railings and staircases combining safety and beautiful design

Steel claddings

Exterior and interior claddings of stainless steel, Corten steel and glass

Pergolas and sun protection

Facade sun protection, glass roofs and pergolas

Winter gardens

Winter gardens of different types of steel profiles and glass

Architectural elements

Unconventional interior and exterior elements from glass and steel



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