Bulletproof entrance doors and frames
7.	Design and construction of a steel and glass facade
Steel window frames and facades

We produce doors and showcases from galvanized or stainless steel profiles with glass unite, metal, wood and others. A major advantage of doors made with stainless steel profiles is that a single door can perform multiple functions: the doors can be smoke-proof, fireproof, impact resistant and bulletproof. Insisting on high-quality production, we are able to adapt to the specific requirements of our clients. Our products could be divided provisionally into the following categories:

Interior Doors and Frames

Sliding Doors

Burglar - Resistant and Bulletproof Doors and Frames

Fire and Smoke-Resistant Doors, Frames and Windows

Fireproof doors and frames – EI 30, EI 60 and EI 90

Doors with Finger Protection


Roof Glazing

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